Saturday, April 4, 2009

aldo and doreen

aldo and doreen doing that funny chicken dance. i think theys invented the idea of coming up wit a funny dance for a weddin dance. i think it's cool cos i think they was quite coy but they danced anyway and that was quite memrable that lovely lil dinner dance they did. solid, men!

so i took a picture of the couple and doreen turned and i think she got impatient about it cos i don't know how to work wit my fon camera and it took me about 15 seconds. but i thinkit's nice anyway i wouldn't want it so perfect. i think theys a beautiful couple. solid, men!

gott, man! so this is the whole weddin ceremony picture and man that was so emotional, especially when aldo delivered his weddig speech, i dint really understand everythin he said cos i was listening to his voice, geck taht was real emotional, men! then doreen got to deliver her speech thought i heard her saying somethin about chocolates or i think she was getting aldo to buy her chocolates and i wonder if weddin gowns have pockets on the side where she can pull out the money. oh the first music that jesu instrumentals and the farm breeze was just so farm perfect, the kewlest, geck! this is my kind o weddin. quiet, private, simple. solid men!

i like the dinner food cos it's light and there's greens and leaves. i like it cos there's not much and the guest aren't after the food cos it was just there on the side. i like it cos it couldn't be mistake for my de lata water meals. and so i haf yet to confess the tags on the table cos i plan to prepare the entire menu at home.

i am. they was tryin to stop me but i got aldo's permision so i got home drunk and smilin. i am the most content bachelor. solid, men!