Friday, November 30, 2012

river duckies

This is the Los Amigos River. the day after i got home this was the very first thing i did. go for a swim in the river. the kid here is my nephew, in this trip, we headed first to the cliff which is actually a treasure pit and we spent over an hour jumping off of it. then the river finally for a swinging swim. this is the river that taught me how to swim by the way, some years back, so, feels like homecoming too...

vermin abortion

books. see, am really not so much into it now like i did before. i have three original books to my possession, the pulitz angela's ashes, tony keidis' biography scar tissue, and an original abnkkbsnplako. these are first prints and i bought it when the philippines still doesn't know anything about its release. aside from these three, the rest are as important cos its got nice covers. so it came to pass...
termites. and my father was wondering why i had to burn it separately and had to vigil till it goes down to ashes. i call it decent burial. in nomini patri, et filii, and the holy toast. some things are just not easy to let go off. parting is such an oxymoron. sigh, sigh.


Today i chopped wood. It wasn't easy but this isn't my first time so... It started Monday when the folks hired people to trim down the overly extending branches of the fruit trees and when i got to the farm the trimmings were all over the ground so i decided to do some chopping for firewood. On my way to the farm i chanced upon Edgar on his way home past mid noon. I asked if there was no work to do, said they're sent home cos it's drizzling but that they'll be back to take care of the loam. As we were leaving the three boys were all smiles after work for gathering about two sacks of lose grains from the threshing late last week. It's nice to see them all smiles for getting a bonus. Seriously am still in limbo about staying but, i don't know. I just love it the things that makes me smile here. I got a mail from Filimon when i got home about some beach essentials business he was propsing to me and Ros. Let's see, here...

the folk shop

i was out with the folks last sunday. it's funny these two. my mother woke me up said i should get ready cos we're going downtown. i asked why all of a sudden. said, when she got off the jeep from the market next town she saw my father who was about to leave town for some hanging out, so she dragged him home telling him that we'd rather hit the city to eat out for lunch. we had lunch at this chinese restaurant after we had our grocery. so they saw this knife they really life but it doesn't have a tag. my mother was surprised when she was about to pay and found out that that butcher knife cost around P700. so i went on with my usual job of convincing them that it's fine, that they don't really buy one everytime, and that it's sharp and of good quality anyway and all that. so it all boiled down to giving me an orientation of the special privileges of their mighty senior citizen card once again. swell!

waker bong

one of the first things i did, well, was invited to, was to go wakeboarding. there's this village not far from the farm and where they have this only wakeboarding place in the city. it's pretty cool though you really have to grip the hardest which was kinda exhausting. i did a couple of rounds and after, bong here and i, with keith had lunch and headed home.

Natural Medici

so i got back home about three weeks ago, and i don't know if my i don't know but in those twenty or so days that i've been here more than half of the time i was just chasin after my own body temperature suffering from clogged nose and coughing the whole freakin time, was attacked by some poisonous little moth in the confines of my room causing me to swell and my eyes, i tuned chinese there for a bit, gott i don't know if am still welcome here. now am having a hard time swallowing due to tonsilities. oh, but that's okay. am having a constant supply of citrons here and it tastes really nice, so...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

the good years crossed

hey fellas!, so tis been quite a while and i guess it's time we go back home live the stories. av just been checking all the postcards that i've once sent and i couldn't help but smile about everything that's behind us now. if there's a longing or we've achieved peace, this is yet to be decided. i have been spending the last, probably three week lying low. i've been under the weather on and off for over two weeks it it was just this few that i got a little better. i've been, i see, och i don't know... but i should be content, and a lot of times i find myself so.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

one blue jesu

hey guys! i think there should be more than enough reason to just go. ten years since. it was a lot simpler then, more complex then, more painful then, more beautiful then. the blue knight then where the eagles go home to now, but am still an ely. heheh

Saturday, May 16, 2009

swollen fingers

hey guys! well i got really sleepy and it fell and there's this huge crack in the head on the very same day i bought my new guitar. now i don't know if this is goin to be a sign of things to come but i picked it up and started on with this new business anyway. my teacher taught yael yuzon and barbie's husband, and if this proved contrary enough to the most recent turn of events then am on a roll and might just end up going like ely in la recherche du bonheur. content, men.solid!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

first treatment

hi guys! this is ms. yona. ms.yona is my attending psychologist. i've just had my first session wit her this morning straight from work. thought it best to seek professional help since things started piling up or incidentally since the opportunity's already standing right in front of me. so anyway tis pretty obvious how our first session went.smooth.could never be more content.solid, men!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

pauper finger

wsup guys! how'd you like me prerarin ma pepper salad today? guess af run out of utensils forgot to buy me.hahah! och just kiddin. that's jamie's really. celeste said i's like jamie when she noticed my messy smelly place and how am so much into dirty cookin. solid, men! got me jamie's ministry of food that just got out here und grabbed the last copy o jamie's italy so content, men!


Friday, May 1, 2009

turmeric seeds

hallo friends! ye well this has long been stuck in my fon und doreena has long left und amidy's been away for over a month now. af just been contmplative this few and i have to be watching the news on tv to ground me. been stuck in my bed since got words from trina of the last experiment i took. been silent.i guess time is too. av to be content. solid, men?


Thursday, April 30, 2009

trina's machine

hello guys! see trina did me a huge philantrophic favor downloadin episodes o my o that was grade three subjects of living. and though i kinda freaked out when johann sort of freaked out when he saw it i decided to keep it anyway. this means a lot to me. am so glad trina's rich and even more that she's a good friend. so we got to talk yesterday and she was feelin some roller coasters again and am just thinking if i go like ely,trina is one for keeps. am so glad i get to meet a friend once every ten years. kinda slow but am content.solid,men!


mobileblog test

mobileblog test. today i start postin sunrises through my phone. i hope this works cos av long tried so hard to configure my freakin phone settings just so i don't hafte face the computer. am crossin ma finges this'll work and it gets published. either way am content. solid, men.


silent dak

wsup guys! the place is called, well i'd rather not name it cos af no association besides i don't know of any place in town that serves this sumpto treat anyway so tis kinda easy to figure out. twas ally who introduced me to this and now i get to daydream about feasts of this and this alone. thought i might try preparing this at home and invite some friends over to watch me eat. hahah! this is called paidakia, anyway. am so blesst, men!

well this i don't like so much. hard chew but tis lamb still. and i remembered the waiter said i noticed you so much into lamb, andy! and i sed ye, always figurin out if tis cos am as silent as one or cos i smell like one. hahah. so, there. am good here am content. solid, men!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

greek day

hallo, geck! this is celeste. gone a looong way back since elementary years und she was here last weekend and i had to give her a quick tour of the city. this was at that greek restaurant and we was so tired then cos she hardly had sleep and i headed off straight from woerk to pick her up at the hotel and twas a long travel twas so hot the weather then it drizzled which is not so much of a concern anyway.

so we headed soonafter since she doesn't want to stay at my pad cos she thinks my bed stinks and it does anyway but i love the smell of it and we was walking around the eastmall and we was feelin so tired cossit was only about 1:30pm then and so we headed to the cinema and slept. hahah!

oh so this was before the cinema cos we was pretendin we hungry so i got my favorite paidakia. well that was what i ordered for her cos i want her to taste my favorite but so anyway i ended up eatin most of it so i guess i don't know. me got mesef souvlaki cos tahts the waiter suggested. and i don't like it so much and i thought af already told mesef once before to never listen to waiuters when they suggest stuff but then anyway we just talked about some people we know and some stuff back in davao and some home essentials and relationships dead and gone and marriage and what we wanna do wit our lives...

so this was after the cinema after a doze of some soul reviving and we stopped by this little coffee shop and was just so excited cos i saw lemon squares and tis a favorite too and so we got oursefs coffee and some greek salads and we talked about leaving home and going home and travels and drunk drivin and second life and quaint stuff cos we've long accepted the fact that we are both boring and we was just hopin then that something's goin on at the square...

so i was sorry cos i know it was buddy i saw and i was hopin to have a picture wit him cos there was that little graduation thing for that band of streetkids. so we waited for sandwich there was indeed and there were some bands there i find kinda cool like radioactive sago project was there and there's this lady called julia and twas fun anyway we enjoyed it cos we thought raymund and his sandwich people wouldn't show up and we was about to leave and they was there and they san betamax anyway. yun o!

right about this time we got so tired and all sticky uncomftable and so i said why don't we just get pizza and grab some beer and you can drink lots so you sleep hard you forget ma stinky bed and just head home and watch some concerts on dvd and she seemed okay with the idea anyway so i ended up drinkin all the beer cos it kicked her in the head and knocked her down. brrr...

so we awoke in the mornin and headed off to the mall to get some stuff and took this two pictures when she was about ready to go and like am lookin at it now and tis like, uhm i dont know. freak wef gone this far. we used to just dream together and am gonn stop this now.

so this was the last picture i took of one of celeste. i don't have much, but af got little that means a lot to me and i thank god and am content. weekend's over.solid men!


one act

hallo, friends! twas a fantastic experience last weekend over at the east mall celeste and i we was just hoping to catch some band acts turned out we got to witness a music summer workshop graduation of sorts. so we watched the program and i figured there's this group of music artists theys came up wit a project to get some street kids for a chance to live their dream and sing and play an instrument and it was so kewl i thougnt. tis called, Artists Coming Together to Serve. and i thought well that's worth something. some cause. and buddy was one of them organizers and raymund and his band was there in support even. was awesome! just so content, dude! solid sobra men!


son's pa

hallo friends! tis been a while. you seeing a picture of my tatay's patotin. am now sure what it's called but it's duck meat and marinated using tatay's secret mix of i don't know cos tis a secret. so this was the easter meal and i kinda missed home when i started sniffin it but then i asked for beer when i started eating anyway. solid, men!


Friday, April 10, 2009

scrambling eggs

hallo, freunde! happy easter everyone. i am sure not feeling it but that's fine, i guess. been forcing meself to smile since the beginning of the week and it has been a real tough time looking closer and closest but i know i should and am sure there's quite a lot and some seeing a few. i took a picture here of my two nephew. they was playing chess on good friday. i be content. solid, men!


Monday, April 6, 2009

morning news

just woke up and it hit me ang labo, men! ngayon aking inuunawang pilit...


Saturday, April 4, 2009

aldo and doreen

aldo and doreen doing that funny chicken dance. i think theys invented the idea of coming up wit a funny dance for a weddin dance. i think it's cool cos i think they was quite coy but they danced anyway and that was quite memrable that lovely lil dinner dance they did. solid, men!

so i took a picture of the couple and doreen turned and i think she got impatient about it cos i don't know how to work wit my fon camera and it took me about 15 seconds. but i thinkit's nice anyway i wouldn't want it so perfect. i think theys a beautiful couple. solid, men!

gott, man! so this is the whole weddin ceremony picture and man that was so emotional, especially when aldo delivered his weddig speech, i dint really understand everythin he said cos i was listening to his voice, geck taht was real emotional, men! then doreen got to deliver her speech thought i heard her saying somethin about chocolates or i think she was getting aldo to buy her chocolates and i wonder if weddin gowns have pockets on the side where she can pull out the money. oh the first music that jesu instrumentals and the farm breeze was just so farm perfect, the kewlest, geck! this is my kind o weddin. quiet, private, simple. solid men!

i like the dinner food cos it's light and there's greens and leaves. i like it cos there's not much and the guest aren't after the food cos it was just there on the side. i like it cos it couldn't be mistake for my de lata water meals. and so i haf yet to confess the tags on the table cos i plan to prepare the entire menu at home.

i am. they was tryin to stop me but i got aldo's permision so i got home drunk and smilin. i am the most content bachelor. solid, men!


the rat scratch

halu geck! took a picture o this quick meal i had i think last thursday. got me time to prepare cos for no reason i woke up way ahead o the alarm. so you lookin at my tomato scramble and my 7-month stuck toaster-grilled schublig and some remains of my strawberry jam o 4 days past due bread. where's ye toilet, man? heheh. so am content. solid, men!


to kill a monkeybird

howsit goin friends, you've buggin mars und tital here and divies the peer mike was talkin business wit and mike. so there. so this was supposed to be some serious business of shapin up performance and all. turns out what was yet the heaviest day at work tured into some sigh smiling minute and that was halfway through the hours yet. so i couldn't get masef to say am content but i am anyway! solid!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

the milkyway conspiracy

howdy doug!eto perhaps yun nakita ni toni sa post na trina when she said the was such good sport si federer pati si nadal. i guess this is my version of it. that was perhaps the most hair-raising moment that went so fast duke. having seen these guys talk for that unexpected resurfacing of the the last doug! like if things got really charged and emotional and all this could have broken everyone to tears. and yet i know i wasn't the only one who didn't just see this as just one of the pictures there. this was perhaps the highlight of the final set experience. gott am so content! solid super, men!


east parking

yoemen! nagdedeliver lang naman siya ng pizza di sinadyang meron siyang nakita nagsitalsikang mga pitsa at bala mga patay na hoodlum sa lamesa hindi malaman kung saan magtatago sa panaginip dinadalaw ni lolo wala nang taong mapagkatiwalaan lahat ng raket ay kanyang sinubukan go!run Barbi run run Barbi run run Barbi run run Barbi run run Barbi run napasabit sa combong taga QC ang sabi niya sa barbeque ipinaglihi at nainlove pa sa detective na cutie nagkagulo, nagkarambulan nagkadoobie-doobie! stig, men!


mercury rising

good morning my friends. i think it's a good idea to have your library inside the toilet cos most of the time long voerdue babies gifts you an awfully boring time sittin on the surgery table. i think a page or two or three at least is worth it depending on how hard the stain is. hikhik! solid, men!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

the final set

wsup geck here i couldn't label by any other name. solid elyista men! gott those gin bottles and sunstruck hurting eyes so fast, men! siguro hindi sila nagcocomplain ang dami na nila pinagraduate tapos sila mismo wala. kay sarap sariwain ng malayang kahapon ang hirap isispin kay layo na nun, men! pero am content. solid, men!


the rockies

yo men! me isang weekend na hindi ko na pinalagas kasi tatakwil na ako ng sarili ko at wala na akong pinagkaiba sa mga taong nabubuhay para magtrabaho. kaya bago ang tuluyang magtransform sa bakal ang mga paa ko at tuluyan na mag lock ang gintong tali ko sa leeg saka na muna tulog, we counting hours to minutes na lang. solid, men!


Friday, February 27, 2009

service mile

you tired, geck/ och, that's fine. we have to stay up an see for ourselves daylight waking up at the west wing up northern. that's cy from lakehoe and hiedi from kohoe. tis amazing how these ladies work beyond working as it is. there's just so much respect, duke. am just so appreciative. makes you content, men! solid!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sharp winds

wsup pal, this one taken on night elly and i circled the whole of araneta center looking for a functioning atm kasi kelangan magwithraw para makatambay me pampulutan kaso lang nakawithdraw din kami kaya solbs. feels kinda creepy though when you take a closer look. i don't mean creepy ghostly, i meant life creepy, like creepy melancholic like something sad is going on. like anytime gigripuhan ako. soild, men!



du geck! so sometimes nagsisink in din so you ahve to decide and you can't decide kasi mairap tas ang dami kelangan iconsider tas naalala ko na naman tuloy yun nakapost dun sa urina par gusto tuloy umurong ng ihi mo heheh. solid, men!


kiddie plate

this is amidy' favorite place, amici. tis cos the food comes in huge serving and it's good. that's leo there and aida with their servings and i think leo and aida likes it here as well. but i don't like it here because i think people would come here to eat like they don't have homes where they can cook. i don't go to resataurants to eat and eat like monsters, i go to restaurants to dine. so i think that restaurants have to have a good chef that serves good food and good ambiance para solid! meeeeeyn!



halo geck! look we so behaved-looking ha? that's toni there my city mom and trina the alter ego. this is my favorite pic of at at work cosit looks like we was behaved and all and the smiles are so relaxed but i think that we was suppressed then cos we was enjoyin melvin and ton puttin up a show. this was taken at i don't know i forgot the name of that cowboy place where melvin calls the waitress, sheriff. auf gute! solid, men!


smoked fish

good day friends! you are looking at the grand central station of the ants, heheh. this is a picture of the regular days sometimes it stresses you out for most parts it stresses you out but sometimes it speaks of the rush and i know i have to be content no matter the movement people always move anyway and so i am content. solid, men!


Monday, February 23, 2009

the winter picture at dead spiketti

halo friends, this picture is the coolest of all. not that this is cool bust it was so cold i remember when this was taken cos that was about late november and the breeze was freezingly cold and christmas is just around the corner and the air is freezing anticipation and the place is just quaint so cold at the spiketti house before it died, ahaaaah! solid, men!


Friday, February 20, 2009


och geck? tis the weekends and then it's gonna start over then things change and what's here today won't be the same. and so sometime you missed the times together but really it's just the weather cos i realized while I was IMing toni earlier, technically yesterday that it's not a usual thing for an outsider to have instant connection within. och! palabuan na naman 'to! solid, men!